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Amberstone Security is a leading provider of products, services and business solutions to major organisations across the UK and Europe.

Working in partnership with you, we design, install and maintain security and loss prevention solutions, while helping you improve performance through intelligent tools that analyse customer behaviour and monitor operational efficiency.

What sets us apart is our commitment to innovation. We’re constantly looking for new ways to help you reduce losses, maximise sales opportunities and achieve your objectives.


Do you ever get the feeling that someone is trying to sell you what they want you to have, not what you want? In every sector, most technology providers have a narrow range of products and a fixed way of doing things, and they’ll try to tell you they know best. The security sector is no different – but we are.

At Amberstone, we believe that bespoke is best, who wants ‘off-the-shelf’, when you can have “tailor made”. We take a partnership approach, listening to your requirements and working closely with you to understand what you need and then provide a complete solution that delivers the maximum benefit while meeting your budget.

  • One-stop shop: from the initial consultation to the design and installation to service and support, we offer the complete service
  • Industry leading technology: we look at the whole market and select the best solution for your needs
  • Innovation: we develop unique solutions to familiar problems, cutting costs and improving performance
  •  Service guarantee: we’re open, transparent and work within strict SLAs that are provided to our customers on agreed reporting structures.


To deliver integrated dynamic risk-based security solutions driven by data insights, fulfilling cost effective products for the best customer return on investment.

The safety and security of our customers, colleagues, premises, assets and the public is our highest priority.


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Working with CO2balance, one of the UK’s leading carbon offset consultancies, we are proud to be a carbon neutral organisation. That means we cannot only provide the best solution to meet your needs but also help you meet your own corporate social responsibility commitments.