Our Partners

Amberstone has a myriad of strategic alliances in place, which enables us to supply integrated, bespoke, best-in-class solutions to our clients. We have critical partnerships with technology suppliers, training and reporting solution providers and business risk consultants which, when blended with our own expert team, policing strategists and collaborative agencies, combines to deliver innovative client-centric solutions, across multi-faceted risk arenas.

The benefits

Whilst supporting national change and a rise in standards, our critical partnerships also provide our clients with a range of discernible benefits.

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Value for

Return on

Technical innovation

By partnering with best-in-class technology suppliers, Amberstone is able to harness the very latest and most innovative products, allowing us to source and provide solutions which adhere to exacting requirements and specifications.

Manpower whenever it's needed

Should clients need urgent support or need to respond to growth, we also have existing relationships with registered sub-contractor businesses that are accredited and work to our high standards across human deployment and technology-based security services.

Manpower whenever its needed

Crime reduction relationships

Amberstone has strategic relationships with the Police, the National Business Crime Centre, the Scottish Grocers' Federation, the Police & Crime Commissioner responsible for the national business crime portfolio and our CEO Jason Trigg sits on the Governance Board of the National Business Crime Solution (NBCS).

Through these relationships we have supported the national consistency of Business Crime Reduction Partnerships and our BID levy paying retail clients. Amberstone consider these collaborative relationships critical to supplying successful security products and services consistently and innovatively to all our clients.