ANPR Systems

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Vehicle Management systems are used to manage access to car parks and areas with parking restrictions, identify suspicious behaviour, issue fines and penalties, reduce congestion, and to monitor usage and gather data.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition
with Amberstone Security

ANPR systems work by recording an image of a vehicle’s registration mark (VRM) then checking the VRM against a centralised database. Find out how ANPR works in more detail here.

We provide bespoke ANPR systems, created to meet your specific business needs. We discuss your problem statements and goals (such as your required return on investment), and once we understand your requirements and expectations, you will receive a tailored ANPR solution.

ANPR for security and loss prevention

ANPR systems have a wide variety of use cases: providing solutions for access control, loss prevention, law enforcement, improved efficiency, cost reduction and data analytics. Ideal in places such as car parks, logistic gatehouses, ports, waste management sites and hospitality.

The ANPR solutions can be highly effective in detecting and disrupting criminal activity with Organised Crime Groups and terrorists at local, regional, and national levels, as well as tracking missing persons and stolen vehicles.

Other uses for ANPR systems:

PFS Protection

Petrol station fuel theft

Offender Management

Identifying repeat offenders

Vehicle Admin

Tolls, parking fines and violation administration

Customer Identification

To initiate ‘click and collect’ or recognition processes


VIP identification and management


Statistics and analytical reporting

Why choose Amberstone Security for your ANPR solution?

We are an agnostic ANPR system provider, which means our ANPR solutions are independent and generalised – they will work with any other system or platform. Our agnostic approach ensures we can keep our costs competitive without compromising on performance or delivery.

We only work with world-leading manufacturers of ANPR software, giving our clients access to the latest, most advanced ANPR technology. Because our approach is tailored carefully to meet your specific needs, we can offer you standalone, integrated or quick-deployment ANPR solutions – the choice is yours.

Key benefits

  • Expertise in ANPR and Vehicle Management
  • A wealth of knowledge in loss prevention, security management, logistics operations, hospitality, and manufacturing
  • Access to industry-leading technologies and products
  • No ‘one size fits all’ solution and no preferred technology or provider
  • Specialist knowledge of integrated solutions
  • Competitive costs
  • Excellent support services

Using ANPR with other
Amberstone Security products and services

We can provide you with a standalone ANPR system, or a solution that works in conjunction with one or more of our other products:

Facial Recognition

ANPR used with facial recognition can detect a face in real-time and match it to a database to provide access authorisation.

Access Control

Integrating an ANPR solution with an access control system allows efficient processing of individuals entering and exiting restricted areas.

Alarm-Receiving Centres (ARCs)

Connecting an ANPR system to an ARC gives you a number of options: you can be alerted to check CCTV, contact the police, or complete visual checks to manage access.


By integrating into the DVLA database you can start to understand if the vehicle matches the numberplate, this can indicate early warning signs of potential criminal activity, provides information on whether the vehicle has insurance and MOT, and can provide data analytics into the types of vehicles using certain routes.

Central Server

Centralising an ANPR database enables local, regional, and national level data processing of information for criminality, access control and data analytics.

Mobile Devices

Smart phones integrated with our technology will provide instant access to date anywhere in the world at any time, ensuring you don’t miss important alerts, documents and information.

Amberstone Security are a truly agnostic integrated solutions business. We will identify the right solution, with the right products, at the right price, and install the right skill set to solve your problems.

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