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Bespoke fraud investigation service for Footasylum

As part of Amberstone’s fraud investigation service we developed a packing monitoring solution in collaboration with Axis and Morphean, that can scale with Footasylum’s business expansion and provide cross-functional value, with the primary function being a robust means of challenging shortage claims from e-commerce customers.

Footasylum were investigating significant numbers of shortage claims on a daily basis and their existing, manually operated surveillance solution was proving time consuming and unreliable.

Following a site visit to understand Footasylum’s process from order to dispatch, and taking their investigative procedures, customer protocols and reporting systems into account, a Proof of Concept packing monitoring trial was agreed and implemented over the course of a few days. The success of the trial resulted in the launch of Amberstone’s new Fraud Investigation Solution, PACKED and was immediately fully rolled out at Footasylum.


The solution: PACKED

The trial commenced by placing downward facing cameras at two packing stations, with the entire packing and sealing process remaining in constant view. Morphean’s VideoProtector platform then managed the secure connection to end users, giving them appropriate hierarchical access to live and recorded video files. Additionally, a BI dashboarding tool synchronised with Footasylum’s e-commerce reporting, allowing unique transaction references to be searched for in order to retrieve the correct video, which could then be immediately viewed, saved, exported and distributed as required. The overall solution was christened PACKED and rolled out to all Footasylum distribution centres shortly after the trial.


The result

PACKED proved to be a versatile and reliable solution for confirming package content which enabled Footaslyum to streamline their time and date investigative processes, saving them time and money. As a robust false claim deterrent, the result has been reduced loss and a better shopping experience for genuine customers.


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