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High value asset protection for a jewellery specialist

High Value Asset Protection

Amberstone Security supported high value asset protection at a high-profile event on behalf of jewellery specialists, Signet Group.

Amberstone were tasked with the special event security, taking ownership and responsibility for a large amount of expensive jewellery, which was to be showcased by the designer (LeVian) at a catwalk show at an event inside the Tower of London. The event was ticketed and guests were controlled by Amberstone’s security team alongside taking responsibility for protecting the jewellery pieces on show.

The jewellery was delivered by CIVT officers. Once inside the building it became Amberstone’s responsibility until collected later that evening and transported securely from the event.


The solution

For the main event security, Amberstone Security established and implemented the following security processes:

  • Officers were on-site early awaiting delivery from the handler
  • Security personnel flanked the vehicle through the castle grounds to the secure room
  • Once the jewellery was inside, a CCTV camera monitored the jewellery inside the secure room at all times which was, in turn, continuously monitored on a tablet device outside, to provide an overwatch system
  • Officers were stationed at key points around the building with control of access to both the building and the event rooms
  • Jewellery was logged in and out of the secure room for use during the event and models wearing the items were escorted to ensure a seamless event without any issues
  • During de-rig the jewellery was guarded closely until it was back inside the secure room
  • Jewellery was logged back in and returned to the delivery handler who was flanked by two officers until it left the event site


The result

All jewellery was delivered, accounted for, distributed during the event and collected without any issues at all – one pair of small diamond earrings were initially not handed back in but security were able to identify the model wearing them and retrieve them without issue.

A benefit of the asset protection coverage Amberstone Security supplied was an overwatch of the event building itself, which provided added security and isolated it from the general public who were visiting the Tower grounds that day. Access control for the main event room was conducted particularly professionally in conjunction with a marketing company checking credentials.

It was clear that Amberstone’s professional approach and high standards of service provision was a catalyst for retaining the event for a second year which was unfortunately only cancelled due to COVID-19.

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