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Thermal Camera Solution for Asda

Thermal Camera Trial

Amberstone Security collaborated with ASDA during COVID-19 to provide a thermal camera solution which could detect high temperature colleagues, thus preventing them entering ASDA locations and encouraging them to seek medical attention.

As an existing supplier to ASDA and a recognised provider of innovative solutions, Amberstone was asked to source, supply and implement a thermal solution to help protect colleagues returning to work and reduce the risk of spreading COVID.


The solution

Amberstone Security established a trial at ASDA’s Wakefield distribution centre using a thermal camera on a tripod at the entrance. At the beginning of each shift, the camera monitored arriving colleagues, registering body temperature and flagging anyone who was over a certain temperature limit set by ASDA.


The result

At the start of one shift, five colleagues were identified to have a temperature over 37.8°. After a 15 minute wait in isolation they were re-screened and four were found to have normal temperatures so they continued into work. This was further understood to be due to them having jogged or cycled into work.

One colleague however, was identified as having an underlying health condition and was sent home to seek medical advice.

The trial allowed ASDA to prevent at-risk colleagues entering the workplace, with the prospect of infecting others, whilst also allowing them to provide support to those team members who were found to be at risk.

The trial moved from a handheld device to a hard-wired option, which can provide an ongoing solution for other ASDA locations, including the corporate head office.

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