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Are you losing £££s in fraudulent claims?
Frustrated that your existing loss prevention processes aren’t working?

Discover ground-breaking security technology guaranteed to protect your business against fraud and loss.

Introducing PACKED

PACKED is a fast, reliable and scalable packing and monitoring solution for eCommerce fraud prevention that verifies package content, deters false claims, reduces loss and streamlines your investigative processes.

How does PACKED work?

PACKED empowers you to quickly and effectively separate fraudulent shortage claims from genuine complaints, resulting in superior customer experiences and effective loss prevention. Evidence is stored as verifiable ‘time and date stamped’ video records of each pick, pack and despatch.

Confirm with confidence precisely what was packed,
when it was packed, and by whom.


One camera is placed downward facing at each packing station with the entire packing and sealing process in constant view.


The camera records continuously to local network attached storage and can be held for up to 91 days.


Morphean VideoProtector manages the secure connection of the cameras to their Hosted Software with continuous health-check monitoring.


The platform allows an investigator to judge how best to deal with a complaint or enquiry immediately and case manage it with confidence.

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Create happy customers with PACKED

As the industry’s most robust eCommerce fraud prevention solution, PACKED saves you money and time at the touch of a button. It also enables excellent customer experiences, with unmatched transparency that allows you to share time and dated video proof of their item being picked and packed.
Since you can resolve complaints quickly, you can afford to be more generous to legitimate complainants by investing in service recovery that will truly impress.

Benefits of PACKED

Save & Reinvest

Increase available stock and increase sales so you can invest in superior customer experiences.

Unrivalled Transparency

Customers can see proof of their items being picked and packed, meaning you spend less time answering customer service calls.

Secure Integration

Integrate to hosted eCommerce software and manage via a 24/7 web portal with health-check monitoring.

Fully Scalable

As your business expands, PACKED scales effortlessly to meet new requirements.

Integrated BI Reporting

Real-time dashboards synchronise with eCommerce transaction reports.

Shared Evidence

Video proof is securely shared with the customer without exposing confidential data.

Hierarchical Access

Assign appropriate access permissions across your teams.

Secure Storage

Surveillance cameras record to a local network and store data for up to 91 days.

Efficient Case Discovery

Rapidly search for and review relevant video evidence to save, export, and distribute as required.

Since the pandemic, 30% of people admit making false claims about missing items

Recent data shows that the pandemic has changed consumers’ “bad behaviour”, resulting in an increase in eCommerce fraud. Likewise, as online retail has grown at a rate of knots, so has the uptake in organised crime.

The History of PACKED

Developed in 2020 and first launched in 2021, PACKED is brand new to the industry. This bespoke eCommerce fraud prevention solution is the first of its kind, developed in collaboration between Amberstone Security, Morphean, and Axis.

With eCommerce expanding at a record pace in today’s ever-changing marketplace, the need to upscale online business operations has led to greater exposure to operational loss, stock inaccuracies, and increased customer fraud.

The need to upscale online business operations has ultimately led to greater exposure to operational loss. This has been caused by inefficiency and stock inaccuracies and an increase in customer fraud (upward of £400 million in 2019), despite vigorous existing prevention measures.

Amberstone Security, together with our partners, saw the need to develop a packing monitoring solution that scales with business expansion and provides cross-functional value. Its primary function had to be as a robust means of challenging shortage claims from eCommerce customers. As early adopters of cloud-based security technologies and with strong relationships with best-in-class technology suppliers, Amberstone Security and our partners designed the PACKED eCommerce fraud prevention solution to create surveillance, access control and BI reporting in a single platform.

PACKED Applications

Fulfilment final mile confirmation

Till line investigations

RFID package journey

Click & Collect enquiries

Returns investigations

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Q. How easily can PACKED be integrated with our existing processes?

PACKED can be linked to a multitude of circumstances where a time and date stamp investigation is required. Supporting anything with a video time and date stamp and unique identifier or reference point (such as a receipt, POS, access control, biometrics, RFID and supply chain systems like SAP), PACKED can be deployed to solve complex problem statements across a wide variety of sectors and industries. It can also be used as a middleware product, linked via API into other investigative or camera-based solutions.