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ASEL and Pimloc partner to enhance visual data protection and video analytics for key industries

ASEL will offer Pimloc’s Secure Redact platform to end users across Europe

London, England: Pimloc, the pioneering AI video privacy and analytics company, and Argenbright Security Europe Limited (ASEL), Europe’s leader in intelligence-led risk advisory and security solutions, today announce a significant strategic partnership. As a result of this alliance, ASEL will incorporate Pimloc’s Secure Redact into their suite of services, enabling its vast clientele in retail, hospitality, logistics and manufacturing to benefit from enhanced visual data protection and automated redaction alongside powerful video analytics.

Enterprises of all sizes and sectors are recognising the potential of smart video analytics. Building security concerns are also driving the rapid uptake of video surveillance systems, with the global market expected to grow from $53.7 billion this year to $83.3 billion by 2028. Europe is leading the way with a predicted CAGR of 15.5% in the same period. In managing the vast amount of video data this creates, enterprises must adhere to strict privacy protection laws, such as GDPR in Europe and FISMA in the US.

Thanks to this best-in-class partnership, ASEL customers now have access to Pimloc’s award-winning Secure Redact video privacy platform that automatically blurs personal and sensitive data in captured and live security video. Pimloc’s automated bulk and scalable video redaction is over 280 times faster than traditional methods and supports real-time operations, efficiency and safety with anonymised analytics to keep companies’ data compliant.

Simon Randall, CEO at Pimloc, said; “In the world of video surveillance, companies are confronted with a two-fold challenge: unlocking deeper business insights while ensuring stringent data privacy. Our collaboration with ASEL is the ideal approach to this challenge. By integrating our Secure Redact platform with ASEL’s renowned security expertise, we’re not just combining strengths, but reshaping industry standards. We’re not just offering a technology solution; we’re facilitating whole industries to tap into the depth of their video data, derive meaningful insights, and maintain an unwavering commitment to privacy.”

Jason Trigg, CEO at ASEL, commented; “We at ASEL are always on the lookout for innovative solutions that further safeguard our client’s interests. Our collaboration with Pimloc underscores this commitment. Their market-leading Secure Redact platform will be revolutionary for our clients across various sectors in Europe. As the landscape of video analytics grows and evolves, so too does the imperative for diligent visual data protection. We have been witnessing a strong demand for this from our customers, and this partnership ensures that we are at the forefront, offering our clientele the best in both security and compliance. We are proud to integrate Pimloc’s esteemed capabilities into our service suite in response to this demand.”

About Pimloc

Pimloc is a British privacy technology company which uses advanced Machine Learning to protect visual privacy and security. The risks associated with video surveillance have fundamentally shifted – we are all unknowingly giving away our freedom by walking down the street, entering a store, going to work or watching a sports game. To counter this Pimloc is developing systems that will allow businesses and public organisations to increase security and extract valuable analytics data without compromising personal privacy. To meet this need Pimloc has developed a video privacy, redaction and analytics platform (Secure Redact) – designed for all industries, without compromising personal data privacy or security. Visit and see regular updates on LinkedIn.

About Argenbright Security Europe Limited (ASEL)

Argenbright Security Europe Ltd (ASEL) are a technology led risk management organisation with foundations in data, technology and innovation formed by incorporating two major players in the security industry, Amberstone Security and The Protector Group. ASEL is part of the Argenbright Holdings Group, a privately owned $1bn organisation with businesses in Aviation Services, Facilities Management, BPO and Technology, and a heritage in Security Services across the USA and Europe dating back to the 1970s. Visit and see regular updates on LinkedIn.


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