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Store re-opening success

Now we have a date, the pressure is on. But how do you best keep your customers, colleagues and assets safe?

Retailers across the country are working feverishly to make sure that their much anticipated reopening goes smoothly in a COVID secure workplace. But how can you be sure that all of your plans will work from day 1, without an embarrassing snafu or expensive revamps?

Take the issue of COVID communications and signage…

Some retailers have decided to go it alone. They have produced in-house solutions based upon their previous experiences of colleague and consumer behaviour. However, people are not behaving as once they did. Verbal and physical assaults on staff have increased threefold, and over what? A shortage of toilet roll! A misguided few paces the wrong way down a one way system! Retail staff feel unsafe to return to work. Customer behaviour has changed radically. And internally developed plans aiming to simply second guess what is required might come unstuck.

Then there are suppliers offering new products aimed at providing ways to meet the COVID challenge in all of its forms. But these new products are developed by teams working in isolation. They too are using out of date experiential data to predict how customers will behave. And, being removed from the retail experience, their ability to successfully predict what customers will do in the “new normal” is compromised.

Throughout the COVID crisis, Amberstone has been protecting thousands of locations across the UK and Europe, through which millions of people pass in normal times.

Our colleagues are still protecting Supermarkets, Distribution and Fulfilment Centres, Stadiums, Government Buildings, Offices, Ports, Hospitals and other key locations.

We know how people behave in the new normal because we have lived it, every single day in multiple locations. We know what works because we have seen it. And we have also seen solutions that looked great on paper, fail spectacularly when put into action – often at significant cost.

Our experience of making the workplace COVID secure is extensive. And that vast experience has been designed in to our COVID-19 communications products, to make sure that they deliver the right outcome for your colleagues and customers.

So to be certain that your store re-opening will go as you planned, including effective COVID-19 signage and much more, we are just a phone call away…

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