Technical support for your European locations post Brexit

How will you provide technical support for your security technology from the UK to your European locations post Brexit?

With tempers flaring as we reach the final rounds of negotiations, retailers may find it virtually impossible to provide technical support for their European operations from the UK. However, help is at hand…

The UK Government has said that it intends breaching international law in its dealings with the EU.

That has led to the EU suggesting new visa arrangements that could significantly limit work visas of technical support staff travelling to Europe to provide vital support services, perhaps to as little as 14 days.

As a result, many UK based businesses are having to reappraise how they provide technical security services and support for their EU operations in the future.

Amberstone Security has for some time now operated a fully staffed sister company based in Germany to service the technical support requirements of our EU customers. We have an established team of English and German speaking engineers, technicians, planners and administrative support teams already in place who deal with all disciplines of electronic security systems, in retail, distribution, corporate and commercial environments, including CCTV, intruder alarms, access control and EAS, all day every day for top clients. Perhaps we could do the same for you?

So if you have concerns about how you will be able to maintain your security infrastructure should the worst come to the worst, then call 0845 299 7399 now or email for more information.

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