Veesion: What is intelligent video analytics?

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithm-based learning, Veesion is a ground-breaking security product that detects and prevents shoplifters in real-time. The crime prevention software connects to your existing CCTV system and starts analysing customer behaviour immediately.

Veesion’s sophisticated anti-theft technology enables the software to differentiate between suspicious activity/criminal behaviour and routine shopping behaviour. This means your security teams can focus their attention on tackling genuine shoplifting attempts and won’t cause upset or embarrassment by accusing anyone of something they haven’t done. The algorithm-based learning allows Veesion’s accuracy to improve over time – the more data it analyses, the more precise it gets.

Let’s take a closer look at the gestures Veesion can detect…

Routine gestures

Here are some of the natural gestures you’d expect to see from a shopper. Veesion can identify these behaviours but won’t generate an alert for them.

  • A customer placing items in a shopping bag, basket or trolley
    These routine shopping behaviours won’t prompt an alert, but Veesion can be set up to alert security staff when someone puts an item in a canvas bag and it’s not clear whether it’s a shopping bag or a personal bag. Veesion can be programmed to recognise your store’s baskets and bags.
  • A customer taking out their wallet, phone, or shopping list
    Veesion won’t flag someone using an item that clearly belongs to them. However, if Veesion can’t easily identify the object, an alert may be triggered.
  • Employees working
    The algorithm identifies retail and in-store security staff by their uniforms and by the items and equipment they interact with, such as boxes, trolleys and carts.

3 square boxes showing different people shoplifting in a supermarket

  • No interaction with any items
    A customer walks around the shop, possibly with a companion, but not interacting with any products.

Patterns of Criminal Behaviour

Suspicious gestures that indicate a shoplifting attempt will trigger an alert:

  • Interaction with personal bags
    The algorithm will send an alert when a customer puts an item in a personal bag like a backpack, handbag or satchel.


  • Concealing an item on the upper body
    Veesion will send an alert when a customer places an item in the pocket of their coat or jacket, no matter how quickly or subtly they try to do this.
  • Concealing an item on the lower body
    An alert will be triggered when a customer puts an item in the pocket of dress, skirt or trousers, or hides an item in the garment itself.

3 square boxes showing a person shoplifting in a supermarket

  • Putting an item in a pram/pushchair
    Veesion will generate an alert when a customer appears to hide an item in a pram or pushchair, or in a bag attached to it.
  • On-site consumption
    An alert will be generated when a customer, employee or security guard consumes an item not bought in the store.

Other gestures that will trigger alerts

  • Picking up an item multiple times
  • Repeated sideways glances
  • Using two hands to take items from shelves
  • Interacting with several different bags.

Thanks to Veesion, Amberstone Security customers have seen a reduction in inventory shrink and theft, and have been able to remove repeat shoplifting offenders. To find out more about Veesion and arrange your free trial, contact us today.

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