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Amberstone has extended its office technical support to 22:30 to assist our clients when they need us.

Amberstone continue to improve the customer service experience we deliver to our partners and have invested in additional engineering resource to support our customers when they need us.

One area where we have looked to enhance the critical support to our customers is with the introduction of extended opening hours of the Technical Support office in Mansfield.

What does this mean to you?… Help when you need it!

Amberstone realised that our customers don’t operate in a “9-5” format, so why should their security partners? With this in mind we made the decision to extend the office based technical support we offer to 22:30 at night, meaning that if a customer has an issue after 17:30 instead of the query getting passed to an on call engineer who may be busy and take some time to call the customer back, our customers can call our customer service number and get instant support up to 22:30 from one of the technical support engineers. Many calls can be cleared over the phone meaning that our customers can leave their buildings knowing they are secure, our customers avoid a callout charge for an engineer and significantly expensive fuel (and carbon) is saved by the journey not being required which is good for the environment.

Amberstone constantly look for ways to innovate and to deliver industry leading customer service, this is just another example of the thought and care we show to our customers.


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