Our Approach

Amberstone combine innovative security solutions, quality personnel, the latest technology and risk-based intelligence (obtained through reporting, collaboration and analysis). Our risk-based deployment supports having the right person in the right place at the right time, with the right technology. This allows us to deliver the most efficient, effective and exclusive security services while matching the needs of our clients’ businesses.

Security challenges

The security challenges today’s businesses are facing are leading to increased operating costs and liability risks. The security industry is being called upon to bridge the gap which, while positive for the security industry, highlights the need for change: it is unsustainable to expect the business sector to simply keep paying for more.

Increase in site assets due to consumer demand

Increase in labour and operating costs

Brand risks through constant media presence

Increase in violence against staff

Reduction of Police support for business crime

The current climate

At Amberstone, we understand that changing risks are becoming a constant challenge for businesses. Buying behaviours, increased consumer desire, growing labour costs and violence against colleagues, all put huge pressure on operating costs.
Customer Theft
More than £770 million has been lost to customer theft alone
Attacks on Colleagues
There are 424 incidents of violence or abuse towards colleagues each day
(up by 9%)
Cyber Crime
Most have seen an increase in cyber breaches, depsite spending more on cybersecurity
Continuous Cycle
More than £770 million has been lost to customer theft alone
Weapons of Choice
Knives and needles are currently seen as the most significant types of weapon
Police Presence
There are 16% fewer officers since 2010 - the lowest since the 1980s
Retail Industry Losses
Crime prevention spending and losses from crime is up to £2.2 billion (up by 16%)

Our delivery models

Amberstone have developed and implemented a new customer partnership strategy that supports a dynamic ROI agenda and moves beyond delivering a traditional security service towards an intelligence and risk led provision. By using innovative security solutions and engaging and working closely with our clients, our vision is to deliver a fluid and flexible operating model which targets deployment against risk, manages spend and delivers true return on investment.

5M Model

5R Model

Amberstone Risk Modelling (ARM) - our risk-based approach

Risk outputs provide site and regional holistic overviews. ARM not only evolves security deployments but dynamically amends location risk profiles. This supports feasibility processes, new location assessments, investment and deployment of new technology in accordance with a customer-led specification. Amberstone’s risk-based principles are the same for all customers, irrespective of environment, however the mitigation varies.
Amberstone Risk Modelling

Some considerations for formulating our risk models are:

Local crime data

Alarm activity

Internal data

Internal loss reporting

Population per capita




Measuring the benefits

Amberstone prides itself on being a market leader in customer return on investment (ROI). We can measure all tasks via our systems linking time, attendance and governance through our systemic booking on processes. Each one of our products and services can be measured in a bespoke manner and we develop a unique set of KPIs per client so performance can be monitored and acted on appropriately.

Our KPIs include

Client and account manager scoring matrices

Security coverage by site

Contractual security coverage

Daily activity planner compliance

Personnel ROI

First-time or remote fixes


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