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Casinos demand the highest standards of security. Amberstone designed and installed a complete, cutting-edge IP CCTV system, helping Grosvenor G Casino protect its employees and patrons and combat cheating and theft.

The security demands of the casino and gaming sector are unique – and uniquely demanding. While many types of business rely on CCTV, few need to protect premises where so much cash is held or require the kind of high-resolution CCTV that can capture every card, every chip and every spin of the roulette wheel.

The Rank Group plc manages a chain of 55 casinos in the UK and a further two in Belgium. When the time came to install an IP CCTV system at the Grosvenor G Casino in Southend, Amberstone’s sector experience and technological expertise made them the natural choice.


The Solution

Having surveyed the site and made a full analysis of the client’s needs, Amberstone designed and installed a networked IP CCTV system capable of delivering the high performance required.

Axis HD cameras were sited in strategic locations to provide complete coverage of all gaming tables and other crucial areas. Linked to a NiceVision FAST video/audio recording platform and a high-volume RAID storage array, they give the casino the ability to view live feeds, generate sharp megapixel images and search and playback video with fully synced audio.

The Result

Grosvenor G Casino has radically improved its security profile. Amberstone’s attention to detail and emphasis on service delivered a completely bespoke solution with the minimum of fuss. The new systems installed at the casino work seamlessly within the existing infrastructure and will provide the highest standard of security for the foreseeable future.

Amberstone delivered:

  • High-definition IP CCTV
  • Networked recording and storage systems
  • Cutting-edge loss prevention, safety and security monitoring


“It has been a pleasure to work with Amberstone. Their partnership approach of establishing the security needs of our casinos and then presenting a solution means that we are now supported with technologies that complement other security systems within the casino. We are already reviewing security procedures at our 55 UK casinos and look forward to continuing our partnership with Amberstone.”

Director of Security, The Rank Group plc


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