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With over 1200 stores, over 161,000 employees and tens of thousands of customers a day, Sainsbury’s needed to trial a security system that could deliver additional analytic capability, enabled them to make better use of security resources and improve colleague and customer safety.

Already piloting an experimental retail format, with a focus on innovative technologies, Sainsbury’s Store of the Future in Selly Oak was the ideal environment to develop and trial a security system that required that same creative approach and practical application.

Sainsburys chose Milestone VMS as the CCTV system and picked Amberstone to deliver the solution due to their technical ability and ongoing performance.

The Solution

Recognising that when resources are limited, connectivity and flexibility are key, one of the first changes Amberstone implemented was to remove the fixed position “podium” at the front of the store, and replace with wireless, hand held devices. This gave every security officer instant access to all 238 CCTV cameras in the system and the ability to see security alerts from a wide range of sources.

Here are just some of the benefits this new, fully mobile system provides:

  • Full integration to intruder systems – improves response times and enhanced colleague and customer safety
  • Camera based analytics in high-risk areas – alerts officers remotely of incidents involving raised voices
  • Integration to third party tagging systems – ensures immediate alerts to officer handhelds
  • Linking of CCTV system to colleague entry intercom –improves colleague safety and reduces time away from post
  • Installed monitor and camera system across high-risk areas of the store, where Sainsbury’s latest advert or targeted information can be continuously streamed then instantly switched to show the customer as they approach the display – proven to reduce shrink and creation of a possible new advertising stream (Sainsbury’s marketing team are exploring further)
  • Remote access configured to allow remote support by Amberstone – allows immediate changes to the system if needed


The Results

Sainsbury’s are already seeing the benefits of the new Amberstone system with improved colleague and customer safety, better use of security resource, quicker response to incidents and timesaving via remote entry capabilities.

There has been reduced shrink due to more accurate reactions to incidents and Sainsbury’s have also delivered additional analytic retail solutions, via a third party, by utilising the high-resolution security cameras that Amberstone ensured would also meet this requirement.

Sainsbury’s are looking to roll further systems out over the next year, following this trial.

Amberstone delivered:

  • Improved customer and employee safety and security
  • Better use of security resources
  • Enhanced analytical capabilities
  • Reduction in shrink
  • A potential new advertising avenue through monitor screens

“Amberstone have experience of delivering solutions for Sainsbury’s within exacting timeframes and targeting out of the usual or specific risks. They are also fully able to accommodate our ever-changing needs, implement them into a fully workable system and still deliver at pace. It’s these factors, together with our close working relationship over the last five years, that led us to choose Amberstone for this important project.”

Precious Lowe – Sainsbury’s Total Loss Lead for The Store of Future Initiative

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