Manned Guarding

Amberstone’s tiered risk-based guarding approach facilitates a structured, dynamic, high visibility security team with differing capabilities deployed by risk based principles. This deploys the right officer, in the right place, at the right time with each position having a distinct role profile and differing pay structure supported by requisite protection equipment and supporting technologies. Our approach provides a clear career path, bridging the gap between security officers and managers, providing development opportunities and reducing attrition.

Our solutions

& Detectives

Team Leaders & Deployment

Keyholding &
Mobile Response

Training & Development

Officers & Detectives

Static Officers

A dedicated resource deployed by minimum risk hours, creating a core requirement. Trained to basic minimum standard to support the risk profile of the location. Lower cost based on training requirements and vocational experience. Technology/PPE provided by the site risk deployment principles (e.g. Higher locations risk may require body camera and body worn video).

Roaming Officers

A dedicated resource from an agreed pool of hours by region, deployed to a conurbation of stores/locations, conducting core officer activities in locations that do not require a core static resource, or support anomaly requirements and incidents as required (static core hour locations may not require extra support). Roaming Officers have a greater experience and understanding of risk management and evidential continuity, supported by the appropriate technology/PPE, they also have greater training and command a higher pay rate than static core officers.

A roaming model provides greater flexibility and furthers security coverage to vast customer estates by region. In lower location conurbations officers often utilise vehicles to support deployments, although this can invoke cost, it furthers deployment geography and preventative visibility. This can also be blended into a reactive patrol and response model to manage incidents, alarm activations, vulnerable premises and/or colleague welfare patrols.


BID / Community Officers

Community officers are a roaming officer model that is a shared resource across multiple customers such as Business Improvement Districts, retail parks, communities or shopping centres. A community resource patrols across area footprints, officers are Door Supervisor trained, can manage elevated risk incidents and be deployed as a static resource in higher risk locations if required. Responsibilities include engagement with Policing, Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs), identify known offenders, sharing intelligence of such vulnerable offenders facilitating prevention / diversionary activity with multi-agency local stakeholders. Community officers are trained in partnership with local key stakeholders supporting localisms, they can also be CSAS accredited and enable a complete understanding of risk, crime, vulnerability and confrontation management supported by appropriate technology and PPE.

Store Detectives

A covert resource, static or roaming, ideally deployed through risk methodology. Trained in covert deployment, criminal matters, the safe detention of offenders and evidential continuity.

Team Leaders & Deployment

Team Leaders

Manage risk-deployment processes working with Local site and/or Regional Managers using intelligence driven data for all working deployments. In the absence of Roaming Officers, the team leader will also facilitate officer engagements. They are trained to the highest standards and are empowered to lead a pool of officers by geography or site and can be dedicated or a shared resource. This ensures local ownership, higher standards and prompt management customer support, reporting to regional management. To ensure greater continuity of service they will also manage/support drop-out shifts raising service provision to customers with known correctly trained support.

Regional Ops / Management Support

Amberstone has regionally aligned managers who have responsibility for the whole operation by region. They are an initial operational escalation port of call for customers and work in tandem with the customer Account team to ensure matters are correctly managed and reported – good and bad. Regional managers will conduct SLA meetings with local customers and conduct recruitment / management activities supported by our central HR function.

Daily Activity Plans & Reporting

As part of our commitment to customers, technology has a pivotal role for both site security, feasibility, risk identification and mitigation activities and our technology options seamlessly integrate with officers daily activities and incident reporting as they occur via a tablet or smart phone directly into a live performance dashboard, and management information available immediately throughout the life of the contract. Technology underpins Amberstone’s service delivery, using our solutions to provide a demonstrable risk-based deployment requirement, directly linked to Amberstone Risk Modelling (ARM) demonstrating a true return on investment, facilitating continuous improvement and add value through service proposition.

Mobilisation & TUPE

Our Mobilisation Teams are formed according to the needs of individual contracts, bringing together the relevant collective experience and domain expertise in order to develop and deliver coherent and well executed plans.

Upon award of contract, in parallel with carrying out risk-based assessments in partnership with the business, Amberstone commences TUPE transfer workings, requesting the latest TUPE information from the incumbent to ensure the transfer processes is as seamless as possible. This is crucial to providing continuity of service during the transition and allows the mitigation of any performance and transfer risks that could affect business security operations and brand. This initial process also facilitates the completion of the TUPE mobilisation assessment, allowing Amberstone to demonstrate current vacancies and sub-contractor usage.

Keyholding & Mobile Response

Keyholding & Alarm Activiation Response

A flexible and cost effective solution for changing security needs, including responding to: 24/7 Alarm activations, vacant premises, lone workers and vulnerable locations etc. This can be procured as a standalone service or bundled with a dedicated, or shared security resource and/or integrated associated security technology products and services – Such as Installation, planned or reactive maintenance and monitoring services. End-to-end solutions to manage your requirements and needs.

Scheduled & On-Demand Services

Designed as cost-effective on-demand alternative, or addition to dedicated guarding deployments, our on-demand service ensures a bespoke scalable and flexible workforce with 100% coverage that can be tailored to the needs of your estate. Simply call and request a service paying for only what you need at the time. We operate a 24/7 hub, manned by security experts, allowing us to deliver unparalleled response times. Our on-demand customers are kept up-to date with reports sent to your own customer portal.


The Amberstone training journey

Certification and upward career development are key drivers for continuing the Amberstone learning journey

Amberstone offers an accredited scheme including training in full confrontation management, security skills and evidence, risk assessment and management processes, culminating in a Level 3 qualification for our best officers moving into Security Management. This supports a career path linked to personal development by role.

This full accredited skills and development journey will be live during the contract term and we will work to ensure this also includes brand specific training and contract specific crisis management inputs.

ACS Accreditation

Amberstone are an SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) registered supplier. Amberstone only deploy officers who have the pre requisite ACS training (with the exception of TUPE transfers who will have this training rolled into their development programme).

Basic Foundation

All officers must complete basic foundation training which covers health and safety and security principles such as legalities, powers, process, reporting, searching, patrolling, confrontation management and customer service.

Advanced Training

Officers who complete the advanced foundation training receive City & Guilds accreditation. Officers wishing to pursue further qualifications can complete further training which results in a BTEC Level 3 national qualification in Security management.

LMS Platform

Foundation training is delivered on our Learning Management Software (LMS) platform.

Customer & Site Specific Training

Customer site specific training is developed in collaboration according to specific customer requirements.
Site specific training is deployed on our eLearning platform, Shine.

First Aid

First aid training is provided to all staff in line with our First Aid Risk Assessment as described in the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations.
Specific First Aid training requirements can be catered for, to any degree, for which we use a trusted medical training provider.

Amberstone Training Journey

COVID Secure

Throughout the COVID crisis, Amberstone has been protecting thousands of locations across the UK and Europe, through which millions of people pass in normal times. Our experience of making workplaces COVID secure is extensive and knowing what works is critical in these times. This know-how is reflected by our COVID secure product offering which uses relevant tested technologies, blended with integrated and human solutions to support COVID secure environments.

Our COVID Products & Services include:

  • Screening for colleagues and/or customers using handheld or static technology
  • CCTV analytic technology supporting occupancy levels and access control
  • Social distancing posters, floor signage and sanitiser stations
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