Security Guard Services

If you are looking for complete business security for your premises, our 24 hour security guard services can provide you with the ultimate solution. We apply our data-driven approach to identify trends, issues, and risks, then evaluate our findings to provide you with the technology and workforce to protect your business. Our staffed security services include static guards, roaming guards, community guards, store detectives, key holders, and alarm response. Our guards are highly trained, hold SIA Licenses, and are deployed in the right place at the right time, providing you with effective security coverage that gets results.

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How we meet your security needs

There are four key elements to our risk-based analysis. Our guards, implementation, response, and training combine to provide you with a cost-effective security guard services solution.

We work better and smarter to understand the security risks to your business. We can pinpoint the areas costing you money and provide the most effective solution to generate a healthy return on investment.

Security Guards

Implementing your solutions

Added protection

Training & Development

Security Guards

We can supply highly trained officers/guards to protect your most valuable assets. Whether you need guards in a fixed location, require cover in several different locations, or need something more covert, our team of security guard services can help. Read more about the level of security each type of guard can provide.

Static Guards

We position static officers strategically around your business locations based on our risk analysis. Our static officers are trained appropriately to support the risk of the location and can utilise technology to provide effective security coverage, such as body worn video.

Roaming Guards

Trained for deployment across multiple strategic locations, our roaming officers have a greater understanding and experience of risk management. We will assess the risk and then position our roaming guards to provide greater flexibility and security coverage for your business.

For instance, if you have several locations across a region, our guards can easily cover the area and act as a reactive patrol to minimise incidents, respond to alarm activations, secure vulnerable premises, and protect your staff.

Our highly trained Roaming Guards can recognise risk, crime, vulnerability and confrontation management. This means they can engage with the Police, Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs), identify known offenders and share intelligence of vulnerable offenders with relevant authorities to help prevent and divert criminal activity away from your business.


Discover how one of our Mobile Roaming Security Officers played a vital role in identifying and apprehending members of an organised retail crime gang operating in Northern Ireland.

Community Guards

Community Guards roam between multiple customers, such as Business Improvement Districts (BID), retail parks, communities, or shopping centres.

Trained as door supervisors and often Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) accredited, they can manage elevated risks.

Where required, deployment as a static guard in higher-risk areas is also within their remit.

Store Detectives

Our Store Detectives are undercover guards and are deployable in static or roaming capacities.

Highly trained in covert deployment, criminal matters, safe detention of offenders, and the collection and presentation of evidence, our risk methodology decides the best use of Store Detectives.

A typical scenario might include your business suffering from high loss or shrinkage – a Store Detective’s training and experience enable them to investigate, prevent, and resolve the issue covertly, with minimal disruption.

Implementing your solutions

We have an expert team of managers and leaders who can oversee the implementation of your security solutions and make sure the process is seamless. Once the integration is up and running, we’ll regularly meet with you, you’ll receive feedback on daily activities, and be informed about incidents as they occur. Here’s how it works:

Your security experts

You will work closely with one of our expert team leaders, who will be responsible for implementing our intelligence-driven solutions on the ground.

They are trained to the highest standard and lead a pool of guards by geography or site. This ensures local ownership, higher standards, and prompt support for you.

You will be well supported and provided a consistently reliable and effective service. In the absence of roaming guards, the team leader can seamlessly fill the requirement.

Your support network

You will also have a support network of security experts whenever you need it. Regional managers support our team leaders, who will be your first port of call if you need our support.

Our regional managers will conduct Service Level Agreement meetings with you and handle your recruitment and management activities, supported by our central HR team.

Your daily update

Technology is a valuable part of our security strategy. Our live performance dashboards seamlessly integrate with our guards’ daily activities, giving them access to incident reports in real time as they happen. Guards have access to tablets or other data capture devices to make reports. Clients have overview of this and everything via dashboards from site to global level according to requirement.

Throughout the life of your contract our powerful Amberstone Risk Modelling (ARM) approach continuously updates and responds to risk data to provide you with a tangible return on investment.

Your security taken care of

As soon as we become security partners, we will begin The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (TUPE) process.

We will request the latest TUPE information from your former security partner to successfully transfer employee details to us. We will take care of this process and ensure your level of service is maintained while minimising security risks to your business.

Once TUPE is complete, we will be able to highlight current vacancies and mitigate change risks.

Added Protection

To supplement our highly trained guards and managers we can provide an effective and reliable key holding and alarm response service to ensure your business is secure.

We also offer bespoke security guard services packages that are scalable, flexible and are targeted around your specific business needs.

Keyholding & Alarm Response

We offer peace of mind by securely protecting your premises keys and responding to alarm activations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As keyholders, we can open and close your business premises, and in the event of an intruder alarm activation, rapidly dispatch a guard to investigate. They will patrol the area, check for any signs of damage or intrusion, and report on the outcome.

Flexible and cost-effective, our keyholding and alarm response service can be added to any of your security requirements or requested as a standalone service.


On-Demand Security

If you’d prefer to pay for what you need when you need it, our on-demand security service is a great cost-effective option.

You get access to a ‘hub’ managed by security experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with fast response times and 100% coverage across your business.

Your ‘hub’ is tailored to your business, so please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your requirements.


Our training and development


When you become a client of Amberstone Security, only accredited, industry trained guards who have completed our comprehensive training programme will protect your business.

Along with the proper training, our guards also hold SIA Licenses, an industry requirement for working in security.

Our guards are highly motivated and have the opportunity for constant development with our range of advanced training and certifications. These include confrontation management, security skills and evidence, risk assessment and management processes, as well as an advanced qualification in Security Management.

Since our training is dynamic, we can include your business-specific training requirements in the programme.

1 Industry accreditation

We are an SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) registered supplier, meaning all our guards are ACS trained and hold SIA Licenses. New guards (including TUPE transfers) have this training included in their development programme.

2 Trained to our standard

All our guards complete an initial training programme covering health and safety, legalities, powers, reporting, searching, patrolling, confrontation management and customer service.

3 Our standard and beyond

We offer continued personal development opportunities for our guards. Advanced training includes confrontation management, de-escalation and role specific training journeys and enables guards to achieve accreditations and qualifications in Security Management.

4 Personal training dashboard

Each guard has a personal training dashboard on our eLearning platform. This easy-to-use platform keeps guards up to date with their training, including access to their training records and upcoming training opportunities.

5 Your customer specific training

Working in collaboration, we can identify and implement a range of other training courses based on your business security needs. We utilise our eLearning platform to deliver this training and give them access to track progress.

6 First Aid

Our guards are first aid trained, in line with our First Aid Risk Assessment and licence linked training described in the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations. We also provide specific first aid training requirements delivered by a trusted medical training provider on our behalf.

Amberstone Training Journey

COVID Secure

Throughout the COVID crisis, Amberstone has been protecting thousands of locations across the UK and Europe, through which millions of people pass in normal times. Our experience of making workplaces COVID secure is extensive and knowing what works is critical in these times. This know-how is reflected by our COVID secure product offering which uses relevant tested technologies, blended with integrated and human solutions to support COVID secure environments.

Our COVID Products & Services include:

  • Screening for colleagues and/or customers using handheld or static technology
  • CCTV analytic technology supporting occupancy levels and access control
  • Social distancing posters, floor signage and sanitiser stations
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