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We are committed to providing the best customer journey possible, from solution gathering to implementation to ongoing management. We ensure we provide managed security services with industry-leading levels of support, service and communication.

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Account Management

Solution Design

When considering solution strategies, every client is unique. With a vast array of requirements, they each have different software, hardware, internal process, resource capabilities and long-term goals. At Amberstone we have the conversation first to identify the problem statements of our customers to prevent any one customer being treated the same as the last. Amberstone Security being a vendor-agnostic integrator can assess the global marketplace to tailor the right solution for our customers’ needs, rather than leading with a fixed product or suppliers.

Risk Assessments

The Amberstone risk-based journey links the uses of all possible data metrics to enable a heuristic approach, from individual customer premises to global overview:

  • enabling dynamic deployment of technology or people, to set metrics based on risk profile by day, hour or location.
  • supporting the best use of current systems, sweating related technology assets, as well supporting risk based investment decision processes.
  • driving predictive deployments with all supporting technologies working in unison rather than silo.

Our methodology is not only transformational, but drives a cultural shift of continuous improvement by challenging the status quo, which in turn ensures best return on investment.

Read more about Amberstone Risk Modelling


Amberstone can provide auditing services in many areas including Health, Safety (including Fire Safety), Security, Quality and Compliance, all of which can be carried out during existing works or independently, depending on client requirements.

Fire Safety

Amberstone has built a strong reputation in the design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of fire alarm systems, successfully serving some of the UK’s largest national businesses. We offer a comprehensive range of fire prevention solutions, from detectors and alarms to fire suppression and emergency lighting systems. We can also carry out fire risk assessments and safety audits and provide and deliver training.

Client care is our number one priority and all our work is guaranteed and backed by an extensive maintenance and service programme. Every six months, our Service Engineers conduct site visits to carry out system testing, ensuring protection is maintained at all times. To ensure fire alarm systems are working to the highest standards, Amberstone operates in accordance with BAFE Scheme Document SP203 and BS 5839-1.


Our Mobilisation Teams are formed according to the needs of individual contracts, bringing together the relevant collective experience and domain expertise in order to develop and deliver coherent and well executed plans.


When mobilising a technology contract, Amberstone are careful to provide sensitive customer engagement which is critical in capturing the correct relations. This enables data cleanse and the correct commissioning of monitored products and services, including the delivery of Police monitored URN and other safety systems. During induction Amberstone also review the technology currently deployed and implement a critical spares system to support preventative maintenance schedules and reactive requests

Guarding (including TUPE)

Upon award of contract, in parallel with carrying out risk-based assessments in partnership with the business, Amberstone commences TUPE transfer workings, requesting the latest TUPE information from the incumbent to ensure the transfer processes is as seamless as possible. This is crucial to providing continuity of service during the transition and allows the mitigation of any performance and transfer risks that could affect business security operations and brand. This initial process also facilitates the completion of the TUPE mobilisation assessment, allowing Amberstone to demonstrate current vacancies and sub-contractor usage.

Contract Servicing

Above local management Amberstone provides a consistent flat management structure to clients supporting the tactical day-to-day administration, upward to strategic relations. This provides consistency and contingency of service as well as supporting strategic partner relations at the right level.

Technology Management

Installation, Servicing & Maintenance

Amberstone are electronic specialists who provide full scoping, installation, maintenance and service solutions to our clients across the UK, Eire and many countries across Europe.

We install and maintain integrated electronic security solutions across the retail, logistics, leisure and public sectors, becoming a true end-to-end supplier with direct domain expertise and specialisation in the installation of various products including:

  • CCTV and video analytics
  •  Lone worker solutions
  • Merchandising protection solutions
  • Intruder alarms
  • Access control
  • Physical security
  • Fire alarms and life safety systems
  • Business rules platforms
  • EAS tagging (AM, RF & EM) and consumables
  • Tethered Drones

Amberstone provide a 24-hour, 365-day service support and maintenance solution including monitoring services and remote technical support to all our clients across every region. Our highly trained UK and European service engineers are ideally positioned to support our clients anywhere, any time. Whether supporting a system we have designed and implemented or legacy third party equipment, we guarantee industry-leading levels of support, service and communication.

We pride ourselves on being an agnostic supplier and have many existing strategic, well established partnerships in place with key manufacturers and vendors, including Honeywell, Vidicom, HikVision, Axis, Milestone and Genetec. As a result our specialist engineers are fully trained on individual client specifications.

By offering live asset registers on the systems that we support, we work proactively with our clients to reduce callouts and manage warranties on products installed. Our goal is to minimise calls to sites by providing centralised remote online technical support for end users, online maintenance and industry-leading training on systems installed at handover or during preventative maintenance visits.

Repairs & Spares

Our in-house technical support teams deliver first line support to client faults and can often connect remotely to systems, resolving a large percentage of faults without needing to send engineers to site. They can also receive live alerts from systems errors meaning they can be aware of faults before the business and escalate accordingly. Where a fault cannot be fixed remotely, Amberstone can provide a fast response to sites by sending engineers to site as and when needed.

Amberstone’s critical spares system is a live PDA inventory management system that facilitates repairs and maintenance activity, driving customer system uptime to 100%. This ensures continuity of service is guaranteed and site requirements are fully supported at a local level.


Amberstone will ensure compliance with all security requirements to protect client infrastructure. We are well versed in collaborating with internal IT departments to ensure seamless integration of new or upgraded products and can establish secure remote connections where necessary, using a client broadband networks or protected VPNs as needed.

Asset Recycling

At Amberstone we don’t believe in unnecessary waste and try to recycle and re-use equipment as much as possible while ensuring security systems fulfil the most demanding of requirements. Through managing rip out of equipment on systems that are upgraded we retain the ripped out products, create an asset list and re-use the items on systems that need additional equipment or on service calls that are pre-planned.

The Intelligence Centre

The Intelligence Centre is an IT platform which uses open source, plug and play technology offering business intelligence tools and analytics, predictive dashboards, digital remote monitoring, alert notifications and data capture. This allows us to monitor and respond to CCTV, alarms (including fire, intruder or life safety) and environmental changes (such as heat, light or refrigeration), monitor and protect lone workers and analyse data for asset management, crowd control or risk assessments.

Through monitoring all possible data sources, Amberstone are able to take a proactive approach to managing all alerts and alarms. This ensures planning to identified risks is conducted in a timely manner, colleagues are supported in their time of need and the right resource is deployed at the right time. All data is held in secure, compliant data centres and shared and used in full accordance with GDPR.

Utilising Amberstone as a business partner rather than a security supplier therefore manages risks and budgets and avoids brand related damage wherever possible. This service can be dedicated (located in a customer control room) or shared (located centrally at the Amberstone Control Centre).

Amberstone’s risk-based approach

At Amberstone our managed security services support businesses with risk services, outputs from which can be added into personalised Amberstone Risk Modelling (ARM) dashboards so, in partnership with our customers, we can manage and mitigate these risks as required. Some of the risks that can be evaluated include:
Social Media Monitoring
Daily alerts regarding findings, with any issues noted by site and mitigated as needed
Protest Activity Monitoring
Proactively reporting on any protest noted by site, conducting thorough review of all events
Auction Site Monitoring
Our technical partnerships enable covert investigations into digital footprints and lost assets
Colleague Travel Support
Managing travel risks and live incident updates as well as supporting cultural advice beforehand
Feasibility Studies
Supporting business case modelling for site investments or new location purchases
External Partner Support
Acting as a single point of contact for any business relationship deemed appropriate

How it works…

Intel Centre
Intel Centre

COVID Secure

Throughout the COVID crisis, Amberstone has been protecting thousands of locations across the UK and Europe, through which millions of people pass in normal times. Our experience of making workplaces COVID secure is extensive and knowing what works is critical in these times. This know-how is reflected by our COVID secure product offering which uses relevant tested technologies, blended with integrated and human solutions to support COVID secure environments.

Our COVID Products & Services include:

  • Screening for colleagues and/or customers using handheld or static technology
  • CCTV analytic technology supporting occupancy levels and access control
  • Social distancing posters, floor signage and sanitiser stations
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