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As industry leaders, we work with you to select and develop the best business security systems available. As an agnostic supplier our aim is to provide you with a bespoke security solution that gets the results you’re looking for.

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Amberstone Security has a wealth of knowledge in consulting, designing, building, managing and maintaining many differing CCTV solutions, which can be tailored according to client problem statements and budget. Whether integrating with other systems, networking multiple sites into a monitoring centre or there is a requirement for event-based CCTV or video analytics, Amberstone Security can provide the right solution. Being an agnostic integrator we work with many brands across the industry but we also hold strategic alliances with some of the world’s leading providers such as Genetec, Milestone, Axis and Hikvison to ensure that our clients receive industry leading results.

RiskWatch (Lone Workers)

RiskWatch harnesses smartwatch technology, connecting via 3G, 4G or WiFi to provide critical support to lone workers and vulnerable people. The ‘Red Alerting’ functionality is monitored 24/7/365 allowing live audio monitoring and GPS location tracking. This cost-effective worker welfare solution can be deployed quickly and easily and provides reassurance for the wearer while tracking their location and creating a detailed audit trail of times, places and events. Most importantly, it provides the means to monitor, assist and quickly locate lone workers should anything go wrong.

Features include:

  • Check Calls: Schedule regular checks during the wearer’s shift, triggering a vibrating alert on the RiskWatch. If the Check Call is not acknowledged by the wearer, the necessary action can be taken.
  • Location Tracking: Tracks the location of the wearer via GPS. Define specific areas using geo-fencing and the system will produce reports or generate notifications when the RiskWatch enters or leaves the designated area.
  • Indoor Tracking: Installing small, cost-effective iBeacons inside a facility allows the same location tracking indoors. Indoor tracking provides proof that patrols have been carried out correctly and means that staff members in danger or distress can be located quickly.
  • Audit Trail: From location tracking and geo-fencing to the recording and storage of Red Alert and Amber Alert audio, RiskWatch creates a detailed audit trail.
  • RiskWatch Portal: With its fully customisable web and mobile interface, the RiskWatch portal allows managers to monitor locations and event logs, set up geo-fencing zones and more.

Discreet and durable, RiskWatch combines these advanced features with all the functionality of a touchscreen smartwatch: Voice calls, SMS and email messaging, calendar, notifications and reminders and Outlook integration.

Video Analytics, AI & Business Intelligence

Utilising current or future infrastructure is paramount to achieving and maximising return on investment for businesses. Whether it’s being used for safety, security, marketing, business intelligence or customer insight, technology has dramatically advanced allowing Video Analytic solutions to be bolstered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to truly become a cost effective intelligent led exception solution.

This service has many applications of which just a few are listed below:

  • Heat mapping / dwell time
  • Point of Sale analysis
  • Customer flow
  • Queue management
  • Facial recognition
  • Health & Safety or process analysis
  • Early warning systems i.e. smoke or heat detection
  • Suspicious / abnormal behaviour

Click here to learn more about our ground-breaking AI anti-theft technology Veesion.

Body Worn Video

Body worn cameras have a plethora of uses and depending on client problem statements and what is trying to be achieved Amberstone partner with the best body worn providers on the market to ensure that needs are met. These personal safety devices can act as a deterrent to acts of aggression, verbal and or physical assault against colleagues and contractors and have been proven to reduce violent incidents up to 70%. There are live alerting capabilities that could be monitored by an in-house function or feed through into an accredited alarm receiving centre to allow rapid response and deployment of emergency services where needed. These can be used as live feeds for lone worker protection or can be recorded locally and reviewed at a later point, dependent on the risk and infrastructure available.

Tethered Drones

Amberstone have partnered with Tethered Drone Systems (TDS) who have developed a Tethered UAV: the only one fully designed, developed and manufactured in the UK. It has extensive capabilities including secure communication via the tether, autonomous flight and extended flight duration of 24 hours or more. Already with a CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) the platform can carry a range of interchangeable payloads to meet all client needs, with a variety of CCTV plus IR and thermal imaging as standard.

This solution is particularly useful for:

  • Broadcasters – especially outdoor sporting events
  • Blue light services – including search and rescue
  • Inspections – including oil and gas platforms and windfarms whether on or offshore

ANPR & Vehicle Management

ANPR and Vehicle management is key to many of our clients but in very different ways. For example, Automatic Number Plate Recognition can be used:

  • to identify consistent offenders at petrol filling stations to prevent the sale of fuel (which can in turn be linked nationally to prevent travelling crime)
  • as a management tool for car parks or other areas in order to allow or restrict access, issue fines and penalties or identify staff, contractors or VIPs to initiate specific automated processes

Vehicle Management has additional use cases such as:

  • identifying the speed of a vehicle in a speed limited area
  • identifying the direction of a travelling vehicle to prevent incident risk within large sites or one way systems
  • identifying suspicious behaviour that may be linked to criminality
  • identifying a Health & Safety incident

Amberstone Security have various partners that support us within this space so please ask us for more details.

Click here to find out more.

Trolley Tracking

Amberstone can provide differing trolley tracking solutions dependent on what needs to be achieved, whether it’s to analyse shopper behaviour, the number of times a trolley is used or to identify criminality in trolley push outs. These aspects can be achieved in various ways dependent on requirement, layout and infrastructure.

Asset Protection

PACKED: eCommerce Fraud Prevention

Developed in collaboration with Morphean and Axis, PACKED is Amberstone Security’s exclusive Fraud Investigation technology – a reliable solution to confirm package content, deter false claims, reduce loss and streamline investigative processes.

In today’s ever changing marketplace, with ecommerce expanding at record pace, the need to upscale online business operations has led to greater exposure to operational loss, stock inaccuracies and increased customer fraud. Amberstone Security’s scalable packing monitoring solution not only provides a robust means of challenging shortage claims but also provides a better shopping experience for genuine customers by improving efficiency and BI reporting.

PACKED can be linked to a multitude of circumstances where a time and date stamp investigation is required. Supporting anything with a video time and date stamp and unique identifier or reference point, (such as receipt, POS, access control, biometrics, RFID and supply chain systems such as SAP), PACKED can be manipulated to solve complex problem statements across varying sectors and industries. It can also be used as a middleware product, linked via API into other investigative or camera based solutions.

PACKED supports:

  • Fulfilment final mile confirmation
  • Returns investigations
  • Click & Collect enquiries
  • Till line investigations
  • RFID package journey

Click here to read more about PACKED and how it works.

EAS, Tagging & RFID

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) has been proven to be an effective way for retailers to deter and alert against crime. Amberstone’s expertise covers all EAS technologies and consumables, whether AM or RF, we have the capability to service, expand or upgrade systems. EAS has more capabilities and analytical power than most realise and at Amberstone we advise on the right technology to help actualise return on investment.

Additionally, Amberstone has strategic alliances with the world’s leading RFID manufacturers and are already involved in a number of partnership initiatives to deliver RFID to clients. RFID provides better product control within the supply chain, improved stock availability, reduced labour costs and easier stock-taking at store level, while simultaneously providing enhanced protection against theft.

Discover how our EAS solution helped drive down shrink while still maintaining a non-compromised customer experience.

Forensic Marking

Amberstone works with industry leading forensic marking solution partners to protect client assets against crime, including premises, high-value goods, machinery, cash cassettes, vehicles and many more. Using unique traceable identifiers allows law enforcement agencies to gain the evidence needed and increases the conviction rates for crimes such as theft, burglary and robbery. Working closely with partners and utilising their brands also enforces a message to potential criminals that their likelihood of being caught just increased!

Fitting Room Solutions

Amberstone’s fitting room solutions are the most advanced on the market, combining theft reduction with customer satisfaction while also providing increased sales and vital business intelligence. Our easy-to-use systems have been proven in all retail environments and have been widely used and trusted by many major high street retailers for over 20 years.

In addition to improving the day-to-day operations of the fitting room, a secure web-portal allows authorised members of staff to monitor:

  • Garment count versus time in the fitting room
  • Staff coverage percentage at the fitting rooms
  • Total garments taken in versus time of day
  • Average percentage cubicle occupancy versus time of day
  • Assistance requests and response times

As sales assistants connect with customers and answer assistance requests, sales opportunities increase, thefts decrease and customer satisfaction improves.

Merchandising Solutions

Amberstone’s merchandising solutions division specifically works to increase interaction between consumers and products without compromising product protection. Whether protection is required for just a couple of items or a full display, we offer a range of stands and sensor types to suit all applications and can create custom designs to fit individual needs.

Point of Sale Security

Amberstone has a wealth of experience in delivering POS security and analytics solutions in retail. We have strategic alliances with the world’s leading analytics and data mining experts to identify, alert and analyse customer or colleague behaviours, minimising loss and identifying criminal activity.

Access Control

Access Control Systems

Amberstone’s access control solutions are designed to integrate, control, monitor and allow authorised access. Our access and egress systems range from biometric (facial recognition, vein, retina) to robust multi-readers inclusive of mobile credential authentications. We problem solve and design with our clients to ensure that the systems and integrations are scalable for their business strategy.

Crowd Dynamics

Amberstone has experience of not just installing, but utilising crowd dynamic technologies in event and retail/fulfilment security deployments.  Procured either as a stand alone product or linked with access control system, crowd dynamic solutions can support occupancy volumes by site, or individual location areas and drive people based flows. Technologies can enable exception alerting to support dynamic security deployments.

Thermal Screening

Thermal screening can be used to help with many problems dependent on sector and activity.

We work with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of thermal technology to allow us to ensure the right solution for specific needs is met. 

Thermal screening can be used to:

  • identify high temperatures on machinery or plant to help prevent failure
  • identify trespassers or intrusion even in difficult environments
  • identify and alert refrigeration failure or inefficiencies
  • conduct fever screening to prevent potentially infectious diseases contaminating controlled areas, staff or customers

During the Covid pandemic, we were able to quickly deploy bodyworn thermal cameras to guards, which could safely identify body temperatures over 37°C.



Digital Receptions

Amberstone has designed, built and delivered various digital receptions for differing sectors. In our current climate the need to be more efficient and reduce unnecessary operational cost has never been more prevalent. Having a more automated self-serve type approach reduces queuing, without the limitations of fixed headcount, and enables staffing levels to be at the optimal level whilst still maintaining a pleasant customer journey.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a tool used to promote positive preventative business engagement. Known persons can be uploaded onto a watch list as cameras trigger relevant local or national systemic identification warnings. There are many ways in which facial recognition technology could be harnessed such as:

  • alerting to VIP or valued customers
  • preventing crime and alerting to prolific offenders
  • supporting biometric identification for access control purposes
  • identifying vulnerable persons (i.e. missing)

As an agnostic technology provider, Amberstone have varying facial recognition products available.

Gatehouse Optimisation

In our current climate the need to be more efficient and reduce unnecessary operational cost has never been more prevalent. Amberstone have a proven track record of providing many different variances of optimised gatehouses which enable staffing levels to be adjusted to the optimal level. Our solutions are tailored according to risk and range from fully automated ANPR and self-serve options to remote verification through CCTV / audio from another operational post. Additional features can be added to fully automated solutions, such as optical / pressure sensors and ground loops, to ensure fully health and safety compliance.


Remote Locking

Amberstone has various solutions for remote or wireless locking. Working with the world’s leading manufacturers, these solutions can be tailored for every need dependent on scalability, infrastructure, problem statements and integration with monitoring centres. We work with our customers to design and implement the right system based on the right business case for the best return on investment.

Intruder Alarms

Amberstone provides industry leading intruder alarm systems for every budget, whether stand alone or part of a multi-site estate feeding into a monitored accredited alarm receiving centre. We integrate with CCTV, access control systems and video analytics to enhance the prevention and detection of crime.

Fogging Systems

Amberstone can provide and install leading fogging systems to deter and or disperse offenders, protecting people, premises, high value items and cash from burglary or robbery in many sectors. All of our fogging systems leave no odour or residue to enable business to return to normal as quickly as possible.

Fire & Life Safety

Fire & Life Safety Alarms

Amberstone has built a solid reputation providing flexible and comprehensive fire and life safety solutions.

From simple two zone conventional fire alarm systems to the latest, most complex networked multi-loop, fully interactive, digitally addressable fire detection systems, we can design, supply and install bespoke solutions which are tailored precisely to the needs of the business. Whether providing an entirely new system or adding to an existing one, we can assess the requirements and advise accordingly. Our comprehensive range of maintenance and monitoring packages are also available to provide continuous, ongoing support.

Fire Suppression

Prevention is better than a cure and fire suppression systems are based upon that principle. Fire suppression allows for human intervention in preventing ignition or re-ignition and thereby saving environments that fire suppression systems are designed to protect. 

Emergency Lighting

Amberstone can provide a full turnkey service for the design, installation and maintenance of Emergency Lighting requirements ranging from Emergency Escape Lighting to Standby Lighting to Escape Route Lighting. We create a maintenance programme to ensure fully compliance with the latest legislation and ensure efficient operation.

Safety Shutters

Amberstone can provide a full range of Security Shutters, Retractable Security Gates and Window Bars that fully protect whist being unobtrusive, attractive and easy to use. In addition, we can supply Fire Curtains and Shutters, that protect anywhere from 30 to 240 minutes, whilst conforming to all UK and European standards.

COVID Secure

Throughout the COVID crisis, Amberstone has been protecting thousands of locations across the UK and Europe, through which millions of people pass in normal times. Our experience of making workplaces COVID secure is extensive and knowing what works is critical in these times. This know-how is reflected by our COVID secure product offering which uses relevant tested technologies, blended with integrated and human solutions to support COVID secure environments.

Our COVID Products & Services include:

  • Screening for colleagues and/or customers using handheld or static technology
  • CCTV analytic technology supporting occupancy levels and access control
  • Social distancing posters, floor signage and sanitiser stations
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