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Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems are one of the most effective ways for retailers to combat front-of-house shrink. We work with clients on a national level, advising on the right technology for their business and supporting their existing estate.

As ever, Amberstone’s expertise covers all available technologies. Whether you use RF, AM, or 66kHz, we have the capability to service, expand or upgrade your systems to the most reliable and feature reach products in the industry.

Beyond standard EAS solutions, we can integrate EAS with everything from retail traffic analysis, activation reporting and CCTV to full end-to-end RFID solutions. At Amberstone we live and breathe innovation and we will deliver the best solution that our customers require.

EAS consumables

Amberstone’s portfolio of AM and RF pedestals has been carefully selected to reflect the diverse requirements of our retail customers and their stores layout’s. Including Ultra-wide aisle 2.4m AM systems, narrow aisle, and single transceiver pedestal configurations. Amberstone’s EAS systems made with bespoke covers or marketing material as required to allow them to fit discreetly into our customers retail spaces.