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Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems are one of the most effective ways for retailers to combat front-of-house shrink. We work with clients on a national level, advising on the right technology for their business and supporting their existing estate.

As ever, Amberstone’s expertise covers all available technologies. Whether you use RF, AM, 66kHz or EM, we have the capability to service, expand or upgrade your systems.

Beyond standard EAS solutions, we can integrate EAS with everything from retail traffic analysis, activation reporting and CCTV to full end-to-end RFID solutions.

EAS consumables

Amberstone supplies EAS consumables to clients across the world. From source tagging strategies with localised supply to manufacturers, to consignment stock holdings within our own or our clients’ warehousing facilities or into individual stores, our capabilities suit the requirements of global or regional retailers.

Quality control processes at point of manufacture ensure that our customers receive the best products available in the marketplace today, and we have developed a number of bespoke EAS consumables on behalf of our clients.

Amberstone’s flexibility, and our focus on delivering solutions that will improve your bottom line, have made us the partner of choice for businesses looking for innovative products to help tackle stock loss.