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In clothing retail, fitting rooms are the place where a familiar dilemma – how do you guard against theft without damaging the customer experience? – is most keenly felt.

Amberstone’s fitting room solutions are the most advanced on the market, combining theft reduction with customer satisfaction while also providing increased sales and vital business intelligence. Our easy-to-use systems have been proven in all retail environments and have been widely used and trusted by many major high street retailers for over 20 years.

In addition to improving the day-to-day operations of the fitting room, a secure web-portal allows authorised members of staff to monitor:

•        Garment count vs time in fitting room

•        Percentage staff coverage at the fitting rooms

•        Total garments taken in vs time of day

•        Average percentage cubicle occupancy vs time of day

•        Assistance requests and response times

As sales assistants connect with customers and answer assistance requests, sales opportunities increase, thefts decrease and customer satisfaction improves.