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Simple to install and easy to use, iScan is a proven system that addresses the vulnerabilities of existing fitting room security measures to deliver cost-effective, enhanced theft prevention without damaging the customer experience.

Fitting rooms are a high-risk area in any store and a focal point for shoplifting activity. But they’re also a vital part of the customer experience – the majority of customer purchasing decisions will be made here.

With the iScan Garment Control System, we set out to fix the flaws and loopholes present in all existing fitting room security procedures, while at the same time delivering a system that
is affordable, easy for staff to use and actively improves the customer experience.

Amberstone Security has been developing garment control systems since 1982. Used in over 3,000 stores across the UK, Europe, and the US, from small independent shops to major high street retailers, the iScan unit is the latest evolution of this technology.

How the iScan works

iScan Garment Control is quick and easy to use – simply hold an iToken in front of the base unit and enter the number of garments being issued. iTokens use wireless technology and are given a unique code by the base station so, unlike numbered tags and discs, the same iToken cannot be used in any other store or department. iTokens include both AM and RF technology so will work with traditional EAS gates, so any attempt to remove them from the store will trigger the alarm.
iScan Plus Garment Control goes even further. A call point button in every cubicle allows the customer to summon an assistant to fetch a different size or colour of garment without leaving the cubicle. In addition to increasing security, this creates a valuable sales opportunity. Call points feature a built-in motion sensor, so staff can be alerted if someone enters a cubicle without permission. The iScan Plus system can also be integrated with cubicle lights and electronic door locks.


  • Self-install – simply plug in and go
  • Secure, durable iTokens with optional store branding
  • Supports up to 30 iTokens – 10 included as standard
  • Up to 9 garments on a single iToken
  • 1 year return to base warranty
  • Full product support


  • Fully installed, bespoke system
  • Up to 99 garments on a single iToken
  • Full training provided on installation
  • Call assistance button in every cubicle
  • Set the overall limit for maximum number of garments allowed
  • Call buttons trigger assistance chime, with cubicle number indicated on base unit
  • Motion sensors recognise when someone has entered a cubicle
  • Can be integrated with cubicle lights and door locks
  • Base unit indicates which cubicles are currently in use
  • Supports up to a maximum of 30 cubicles on a single system

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