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Amberstone’s Merchandising Solutions division exists specifically to tackle one of the most common security challenges faced by retailers today – how do you increase interaction between consumers and products without compromising product protection?

Retail Radar

Retail Radar is a unique solution that provides visibility and departmental ownership of high value goods while covertly securing them.

Each item is fitted with a discreet, self-powered 3D motion sensing device that sends an alert to customer service staff via a hand-held device app when an item is removed from its display.  The customer service representative then has a predetermined period of time to accept and then respond to that situation.  The benefits of this solution are two-fold. Sales opportunities increase and the risk of theft is reduced – no shoplifter wants to draw attention to themselves.

Each motion sensor has a serial number that is matched on a database against product type, colour and in-store location creating an audit trail of product movement and staff response.

The motion sensor can be branded and is easily removed at point-of-sale for re-use on other items.

Smart Face

Amberstone Smart Face is a secure, intelligent product ‘pusher’ that automatically moves stock to the front of the shelf each time an item is removed from the display.

Each time a product is removed, the information is logged and sent to the warehouse or to a remote pager or handheld device, reducing out-of-stock situations.

In addition, the design prevents shelf ‘sweeping’ of multiple products, issuing an alert and triggering CCTV coverage if multiple products above a preset threshold are removed from a display in quick succession.

Catering for both boxed products and bottles, the Smart Face device is battery-powered and wireless, enabling simple connectivity to other complementary security equipment.

Bespoke solutions for electronic products

Amberstone Security is at the leading edge of protecting electronic products, delivering bespoke solutions to satisfy your precise requirements.

Whether you require protection for just a couple of items or a full display, we offer a range of stands and sensor types to suit all applications and can create custom designs to fit your individual needs.

Working with our best-in-class technology partners, we can not only protect products on open display but also deliver the best possible customer experience.