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“Innovation is in our DNA” A brave claim made by Amberstone.  This was the goal and driving force of the Directors of Amberstone Technology Limited since its formation in 2011 to truly make the company different to all other UK Security Companies.

This goal has been endorsed by the company winning a double award at Retail Fraud this year. The KnoWgo product range an integral part of the Merchandising Solutions division of the company was designed simply by listening to Retail requirements. The age of bringing security products to Retail and having a “take it or leave it” attitude with the endorsement that “so and so” uses it and it works for them is over. All Retailers are different. But there is a common thread running across Retail. Merchandising and the Sale of product rules. Loss Prevention is important but will always take second place to Merchandising, Sales and Turnover.  We have to accept that.

So by listening to what the customer wants ie, to carry on and open Merchandise as many products as possible, it was realised that the tables had to be turned.

The best way to increase sales is by strong Merchandising and efficiency with first rate Customer Service. We don’t think anyone in Retail would disagree with that!

If an item is picked up from a shelf it is done so for one of three reasons.

1. To look at more closely, showing an interest in the product giving strong buying signals,

2. To buy, raising the possibility of an “up-sale”.

3. To steal.

All the above require a sales response. So if the sales staff engages when an item is picked up there is more chance of selling the item and without doubt, less chance of having it stolen.

The KnoWgo product range was designed to raise a trigger or an alert every time a selected item of merchandise is picked up.

Another Retail requirement is not to have to touch the product more times than necessary. The cost associated with putting tags on items or applying and removing and storing safer cases and spider wraps is restrictive and prohibitive in many cases. Plus the cost of the device and associated labour, when stolen, significantly adds to the overall loss.  Merchandisers hate the look of these items on their products as they feel they detract from the sales attraction and their Merchandising efforts. Loop Alarms have a similar effect and can look messy on displays.

Every product in the KnoWgo range generates an alert totally wirelessly. No tags, no wires, no plastic cases. Just sensors that wirelessly detect that an item is having interest shown in it.

It calls for service. The sales assistant has to respond and that response is logged and relayed to other members of staff (if required). The system can also trigger CCTV to record the event behind the scenes. The item should be either sold or put back on the shelf. Once the trigger is made then virtually anything can be done with that information from activating a pager, a lap top, buzzer, bell, Visual Display Monitor (VDU) messaging board or electronic advertising signage and of course as mentioned the stores CCTV.

The range has been developed to cover virtually any type of Retail product with very few exceptions. The concept is simple but effective. Reduce losses and increase sales through efficiency and good alert customer service.

KnowGo won the Retail Fraud Awards for:

Best Overall Product

Most Innovative In-Store Product for KnoWgo Tella-Shelf

This was achieved simply by listening to our customers and responding!

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