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By developing strategic alliances with several of the world’s leading RFID manufacturers, Amberstone is able to offer a one-stop solution for retailers requiring the design, implementation and ongoing service of RFID systems, and the regular supply of RFID consumables.

We are already involved in a number of partnership initiatives to deliver RFID to clients, providing better product control within the supply chain, improved stock availability, reduced labour costs and easier stocktaking at store level, while simultaneously providing enhanced protection against theft.

TrueVUE Reporting

TrueView reporting runs from a web browser, providing actionable dashboards and reports designed to maximize inventory accuracy and on-floor availability of RFID-tagged products. Additionally, they supply important operational and compliance information to keep all RFID stores running on track. At the Enterprise level, TrueVUE Reporting displays historical summary data from multiple stores, while site-level reporting focuses on individual store performance. Users are granted different levels of access to specific reports based on their assigned role. Standard reports can serve as a template to be modified and saved, and compatible third-party created reports can be imported to TrueVUE.

-Inventory Visibility
-Real-time Inventory Availability
-Cycle Counting Results & Compliance
-Replenishment Needs
-Shipping & Receiving Transactions
-Display Execution
-Fitting Room Optimization
-Storefront Visibility