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Amberstone RiskWatchRiskWatch harnesses the latest smartwatch technology to provide critical support to lone workers. Featuring remote monitoring, GPS location tracking and a dedicated Red Alert button, RiskWatch is the discreet, dependable solution for lone workers facing challenging situations or operating in remote locations. RiskWatch makes sure that, wherever they are, they’re never out of reach.

Key features

RiskWatch is the next-generation personal device for lone worker support. A fully functional Android smartwatch, it features a range of advanced functions designed to support lone workers in the field.

RiskWatch provides reassurance for the wearer while tracking their location and creating a detailed audit trail of times, places and events. Most importantly, it provides the means to monitor, assist and quickly locate lone workers should anything go wrong.

  • Dedicated Red Alert button
  • Remote monitoring of live audio
  • GPS location tracking with geo-fencing
  • Automated Check Call facility

Red Alert:

The Red Alert button connects the lone worker to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) operator.

  1. RiskWatch AmberstoneThe wearer is under threat or needs assistance.
    Pressing the red button on the RiskWatch immediately activates remote monitoring from the ARC.
  2. Once a Red Alert is activated, the RiskWatch vibrates discreetly every 10 seconds to tell the wearer that the situation is being monitored.
  3. Meanwhile, the ARC or nominated control room operator can pinpoint the GPS location and listen to live audio from the RiskWatch.
  4. The operator responds to the situation following agreed procedures – for example, calling emergency services or contacting a line manager.

Amber alert

The Amber Alert feature allows the wearer to record important information to be used in case of emergency.

  1. Lone worker arrives at a location and records an Amber Alert.
  2. This short message – giving a house number or an exact location within a building, for example – will not be listened to unless required.
  3. If a Red Alert is activated, the operator can listen to the message so that the wearer can be located quickly.

Check calls

Schedule regular checks during the wearer’s shift, triggering a vibrating alert on the RiskWatch. If the Check Call is not acknowledged by the wearer, the necessary action can be taken.

Location tracking

RiskWatch tracks the location of the wearer via GPS. Define specific areas using geo-fencing and the system will produce reports or generate notifications when the RiskWatch enters or leaves the designated area.

Indoor tracking

Installing small, cost-effective iBeacons inside a facility allows the same location tracking indoors. Indoor tracking provides proof that patrols have been carried out correctly and means that staff members in danger or distress can be located quickly.

Audit trail

From location tracking and geo-fencing to the recording and storage of Red Alert and Amber Alert audio, RiskWatch creates a detailed audit trail.

RiskWatch portal

With its fully customisable web and mobile interface, the RiskWatch portal allows managers to monitor locations and event logs, set up geo-fencing zones and more.

Smartwatch features

RiskWatch AmberstoneDiscreet and durable, RiskWatch combines these advanced features with all the functionality of a touchscreen smartwatch.

  • Voice calls
  • SMS and email messaging
  • Calendar, notifications and reminders
  • Microsoft Exchange and Outlook integration

RiskWatch features and benefits

Click on the following image to view a video demonstrations on how the RiskWatch works.

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